1. List your Business on reputable Business Directories that allow you to choose your own Meta Tags (the stuff search engines use to index your site correctly).  A number of Meta Tags can be added to your website pages with the Title, Description and Keywords being the important ones for effective Internet marketing. Some directories offer free listings or listings in return for a link or a monthly or yearly fee. Why do you need as many of these listings as possible? It’s a very effective way of increasing your search engine position or Google Page Rank and your Internet Marketing Footprint.

[Click here for a suggested list of Business Directories with hyperlinks for easy listing]
2. Use QR Codes in your Marketing Communication Material to make it easy to find your company and product / service offers on the internet. From Wikipedia “QR codes have become common in consumer advertising. Smartphone users can install an app with a QR-code scanner that can read a displayed code and convert it to a URL directing the smartphone’s browser to the website of a company, store, or product associated with that code providing specific information.”

Sign-up now for Equadoor’s Mobi Website Service and get your own QR Code generator.

3. Start Blogging Now! use a Blog system to communicate important information and find new potential customers and enhance existing customer experience of your brand. You can use free blogs as well as custom website blogs systems integrated with your website. Remember that quality content is King! Equadoor offers a complete Blog System Add-on to your existing website or as a complete new website for a once-off installation of R 3000 or click here to use a FREE blog system from Blogger.com
RSS Feed - Click to subscribe to Equadoor's feed4. Feed your Network with RSS Feeds and by Posting Blog, News and Article info to your Social Media Marketing Networks. Most Blog systems has a build-in RSS feed function indicated by the orange icon. Make sure visitors to your website can click to subscribe to your RSS feed if you have a system.

Use Social Media Marketing Systems to allow website visitors and YOURSELF to Post your content to  social networks. Example: Sharing buttons embedded in web page:

5. Use a Subscribe to Newsletter / RSS Feed Landing Page on your website – the latest technique to get interested visitors to subscribe to your content. Make sure to convert visitors to subscribers with a landing page inviting them to subscribe. The fact that they have arrived at your Internet address is prove enough of their interest!
6. Use a Company Facebook Page and update the page regularly – it’s FREE and it works, what more can I say? Allow your target market to easily interact with you via Facebook! You can even create fancy website pages on facebook to further enhance your brand’s image. Click for an example of a Modimolle24 website page on Facebook.com.
7. Check your Marketing Communication Material

  • Does your website and mobile website addresses appear on business cards, company brochures, outdoor advertising boards, etc.?
  • Are you using e-mail Signatures in your company e-mail communications?
  • Is your website linked to your company Facebook page?
  • Do you have a “Like us” Facebook button on your webpage?

8. Send out a regular eNewsletters for Top of Mind Awareness! – Subscribers value quality relevant content in the age of information overload. Use a newsletter system to manage your mailing list and to enable you communicate with your subscribers easily and cost effectively. It is important to customize your newsletter with at least your customers Name for better results.
9. Join your local Chamber of Business and get listed on their website with a hyperlink back to your website. The power of social media marketing has proved the importance of your different networks, especially local networks for smaller businesses. This should be the starting point to grow your business and to contribute to the welfare of your local community.
10. Get a Mobi website to make sure you reach the mobile market.  8 million South Africans use their mobile devices daily to access the internet [more stats]. Get your own mobi website from Equadoor for R 2000 once off setup fee and R 150 per month. Click now to order your Mobi site.

11. Run a Targeted Google Adword Campaign – The most cost effective internet marketing campaign available on the planet. It is easy to setup and manage your Google Adword Campaign. By using geographic and other demographic options you are able to select your target market and optimize your budget. Call this free number 0800 166483 (South Africa) to speak to an official Google AdWords expert now. [Click here to get started]
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