About a month ago, I did myself a favour and googled our website.

We were nowhere to be found, rendering our website and all the time and effort that went into it useless.

I looked into what can be done to improve our visibility and footprint on the internet. If no one can see your business on the web when they google your product or service, no one will visit your site, thus the “front door” to your business is closed.

We contacted Rudi and specifically enquired about “site engine optimisation”. A term I knew nothing of, but soon realised that in order to open the doors to your business you need to be seen.

Rudi weaved his magic, with the result that if you google us now, we appear on the first page when looking for Kennels and Catteries in Pretoria.

This has had a staggering result, business is booming as a result of internet enquiries.

And as proud Kennel and Cattery owners we can now state that ”we can now run with the big dogs (and cats) in our area”

Thank you very much Rudi, much appreciated.

Glenfelix Kennels & Cattery

Owners, Glenfelix Kennels & Cattery