Includes Tea / Coffee / Lunch / Advertising gift vouchers worth R 3,000 / Free Software

Ideal for anyone responsible for Marketing, Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. This workshop will provide an overview of the trends towards the use of social media for getting your message across to customers and potential customers, for brand recognition, customer contact and lead generation. We will walk through the main elements of a Social Media strategy and discuss in an open format amongst the workshop participants, before concluding with action planning for you to take away into your business.

Each delegate will receive:

  • Advertising gift vouchers worth R 3,000+
  • Course Notes, Articles & Free Software

The workshop will be practical and hands-on, delegates are welcome to bring laptops for the practical session.


Course Content:

  • The Evolution of Social Media Marketing
  • Popular Social Networking Tools – which ones to use
  • Blogging
  • Website Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Other Social Media Tools
  • How to create and implement your Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • #1: Identify Business Goals
    • #2: Set Marketing Objectives
    • #3: Identify Ideal Customers
    • #4: Research Competition
    • #5: Choose Channels and Tactics
    • #6: Create a Content Strategy
    • #8: Assign Roles

About the Presenter: Rudi Schlieben

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