The right methodology is vital to realizing your objectives. Whether it’s a plan for bringing your entire organization online or the development of a world class e-commerce site, we start with a proven processes to maximize the talents of our staff and adapt them to effectively interface with the way your company works.

We don’t use a single methodology. Instead, we have proven methodologies that we adapt to each particular assignment to take into account both the nature of the assignment, your clients or customers and the way you work as a company.

We proceed with each project, using the appropriate methodology to deliver each project on time, on budget, and on target. Our designers work hand-in-hand with the development team and the client as crucial decisions are made regarding the site structure, navigation, brand consistency and aesthetics. The Equadoor design team designs sophisticated sites that effortlessly and seamlessly lead the end-user through the interactive experience.

Information Design
Before we begin developing a Web site, our designers carefully examine and architect the navigation of the site and the relationship of the content components.

Interaction Design
Interaction design begins to examine the relationship between the end-user and the site interface. As we develop the interface, we examine ways that we can promote the client’s unique brand or business essence, engage the user and clearly elucidate the content of the site.

Graphic Design
In this graphic / visual design phase, the project takes on form, color and texture. It is in this phase that the project acquires a look and feel, a definitive personality.

Design Technologies

We continually work to incorporate new technologies into our sites in an appropriate and meaningful way. When we propose the incorporation of an emerging technology, we weigh the potential benefits such as increased interactivity and brand experience with the realities of limited bandwidth.