e-Commerce Systems

E-Commerce is an area of electronic business that involves using the global reach and interactivity of the Internet to perform all of the activities concerned with selling products and services, in both business-to-business and business- to-consumer environments.

E-Commerce ranges from pre-sales marketing activities – like electronic catalogs – to electronic transactions and sales, to the delivery of customer support or digital products. Business leaders are discovering that nearly every interaction in the sales process – as it relates to marketing, sales and customer service needs – can be improved and performed more efficiently on the Internet.

Our e-commerce solution provides an Internet Merchant with an easy, secure, and cost effective method for selling products and services on-line.

What differentiates Equadoor’s e-business solutions from the rest is our ability to incorporate our marketing expertise into our designs to produce not only top of the range sites, but very effective online businesses as well!

We do detailed needs analyses to determine the functional and practical implications to satisfy those needs, and make sure it satisfies your customers needs as well.

Upon completion of an Equadoor e-business solution – you will not only have a user friendly, highly functional e-commerce site, but first hand knowledge of this technology – to better sell your products or services to your potential clients.