Multi Media Presentations

We can create an unique multi media presentation for your company by integrating sound, video, photographs, graphics, text, and animation to ensure an interactive experience that will give your products or services a polished, professional finish.

Interactive multi media demos and presentations can be developed for any purpose and can be destributed through various media, including the Web.

Pre sales Demonstrations

Through pre sales demonstrations you can give prospective customers a visual representation of a product(s) compared to plain text and color brochures. The big advantage of interactively exploring the different aspects your product(s) has to offer becomes readily apparent.

You can more easily demonstrate benefits, bring out features, and provide crucial sales, after sales and contact information as well as an interactive simulation or tutorial of how your product(s) works.

Quick Tours

A quick tour Multi Media allows you to provide the solution to giving customers a virtual tour of your product(s). Allowing customers to see only the information and features they want to see.

Client is given the opportunity to launch a quick tour from the products Help menu or Welcome dialog.


By including as much interaction as possible clients are taught a new skill and the chances that the client will retain the information supplied are greatly reinforced.

Different tests can be incorporated into such a demonstration to determine which information the client mastered and which areas need additional instructions.

In tutorials clients can interact with different applications and you can encourage clients to perform tasks by themselves.

CD Browsers

A CD Browser is a graphical user interface for launching applications and setup programs. There is no dilemma of deciding how to present installation information and technical instructions to clients or users in a cost effective and friendly manner.

In addition to launching the setup program that installs your application or software product(s), it allows clients or users to display additional product information and services.