Newsletters & E-mail Campaigns

Newsletters and E-mail marketing offers you the ability to reach a global audience with a personalized marketing message in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. Rapid response rates and the ability to easily change your message, allows you to manage your campaign in real time and see results immediately.

Here’s are just some of the ways E-mail marketing and newsletters can be used in your on-line marketing plan:

  • Product or Service Announcements
  • Subscription Services
  • Company Financial News
  • Press Releases
  • Contests, Games and Surveys

E-mail messaging is becoming the most powerful tool for directly communicating with qualified prospects and customers. Opt-in or permission based email lists are one of the best and most responsible ways to get your message across to a large, targeted audience. More companies are using email to implement both opt-in customer acquisition campaigns and longer term customer relationship management programs.

When properly executed, email-marketing programs can yield double-digit click-throughs and triple-digit return on investment.

Banners currently make up the largest share of advertising revenues. However, throughout the industry, click-through rates have continued to decline steadily - in many cases to lower than 1%. A recent study revealed that banner click-through rates are averaging 0.65% vs. email, which in the same study reported click-through rated in a range 5-15%.

“Compared to average click-through rates of 0.65% for banner ads, opt-in e-mail’s average response rate of 18% is positively dreamlike. HTML email will become the central point of customer contact, as it delivers not just marketing, but also transactions and customer service. But the infrastructure and skills required to personalize, deliver, and analyze such sophisticated email campaigns will force firms to turn to outside experts.”

There are a number of customer acquisition and relationship/customer-service management opportunities that are facilitated through targeted email marketing / newsletters:

  • Online transactions (sell/buy/receipt, subscription to service)
  • Promotional and discount offers
  • Marketing and Technical Support for products and services
  • New product or service offers to existing or potential customers
  • Alerts and Reminders of date-specific events

Why opt-in email marketing?

  • Ease of use - it’s one of the most simple applications to use on a computer.
  • Ubiquity - it’s the most popular application used but people with Internet access - it is now more popular than Web-browsing
  • Speed - both HTML and Text formats load quickly - Campaigns can be deployed and tracked at the click of a mouse.
  • Asynchronous - more efficient than real-time applications. Allow recipients to review your communications on their own time.
  • Interactive - well suited to generating immediate actions from customers. Allows customers to “deep-link” to specific areas of site or highly customized offers/customer treatment.
  • Routable - Easy to forward to friends and colleagues. This allows people to quickly “evangelize” your product or service offering.
  • Targeted - can be addressed to a specific set of addresses based on specific criteria.
  • Personalized - key customer database fields can be included to increase the relevance of the message and drive the desired consumer response. Supports a variety of formats (Text, HTML, Rich Media) suited to a user’s capabilities.
  • Trackable - powerful reports can be generated n real-time and are available at various levels of detail to identify key trends.
  • Measurable - degree of reporting knowledge provides unsurpassed ROI calculations required by direct marketers
  • Inexpensive - email is by far the most inexpensive medium for customer acquisition and relationship management

A successful email marketing campaign requires both creative and technical expertise.

Equadoor will not only assist you in designing and building your campaign, but will also execute e-mail deployment solutions, track, analyze and report on the effectiveness of the campaign.

We can also identify those customers who respond to your message enabling us to provide the valuable information that you need to make informed decisions when allocating your marketing budget.

Additionally we provide strategy consultancy to build your own list for online mailing lists, sponsorships, e-zines etc.

Remember: direct marketing is essential in any marketing mix!