• There will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015 (source: Cisco, 2011)
  • By 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than PC’s to get online (source: Gartner)
  • Web traffic from mobile devices increased 110% in North America over the past year and 148% globally (source: Quantcast)
  • Adding a mobile friendly site results in an overall traffic increase of 18% (source: Nielsen)
  • According to Google, 95% of smartphone users have searched for mobile information and 61% of users call a business after searching while 59% visit the location.
  • 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for researching products while 90% prefer purchasing from mobile sites than apps (source: Adobe, 2011)
  • Business is lost by denying customers a good mobile experience - If a mobile user gets a bad experience when they visit a website, 61% off them probably won’t go back and 40% go to a competitor site (source: Gomez)
  • Almost 8-million South Africans sometimes or regularly access the Internet on their phones.Don’t wait any longer. Not having a mobile site is literally like closing down your business one day out of every week. So said Google back in late 2010 based on an estimate that 15% of all web traffic was mobile originated.

    Fast forward to today and that figure could be closer to 30% in some markets. That’s the equivalent of 2 days out of every week. If you’re not present on mobile, your customers will simply end up at your competitors’ mobile website.

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