Hettie Woehler

“Equadoor Web Design & Marketing Services CC

Is the best in their field.

Rudi not only constructed my website, he did the work as though for himself, thus giving it all his attention and creativity skills.

Rudi, you had the additional challenge to design a screen reader accessible website. As a blind person myself, I’m stuck when landing on a website with llinks, buttons clicks with no description text to inform me what is going to happen when I click on it.

I asked a group of blind American friends to evaluate the page and they all returned with compliments and valid suggestions to even better the site, nothing accessibility related. Rudi immediately made the additional suggested changes. No grumbles, no sour face because of extra work, just friendly and no-nonsense changes.

All visitors to the site, with or with vision, compliment me on the lay-out and ease of use.

Thanks Rudi, you’re tops!

Hettie Woehler

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For the Best webpage design this side of the Sahara,

Equadoor Web Design & Marketing Services CC