• The Waterberg Afrikaans Chamber of Commerce is ‘n non-political business organisation which accommodates al ramifications of the corporate framework.
  • All members of the Chamber are treated equally.  The size of the business or enterprise is not a measurable factor for more or better service.
  • The Chamber pleads and promotes the free market economical system and believes it not sinful to make profit.
  • It is the mouthpiece/voice regarding local matters, within the framework of the AHI’s mission and objectives.
  • The Chamber meets on a regular basis and gives members the opportunity to discuss matters concerning the area.
  • Projects are taken up to benefit members of the Chamber directly or indirectly through it.
  • ‘n Great advantage for any member is that he gets the chance to promote his own business interests by attending a Chamber’s frequent gathering events and meetings and keeps in touch with fellow businessmen.
  • A Chamber brings its members’ wishes and needs under the attention of the local authorities on an organised basis – with results which the individual can seldom achieve on his own.
  • A Chamber brings services and products under the attention of fellow members.  A complete list of members of the Chamber is throughout available to all members.
  • A Chamber see to the training and education of its members by presenting courses regarding current affairs like e.g. selling skills and management.
  • A Chamber continuously see to it that the youth in schools and other educational institutions take notice of all its members’ staffing needs.
  • A Chamber promotes its members’ interests through other corporal bodies and associations with similar objectives.
  • Chambers actively take part in yearly congresses by the AHI and conferences in the area.
  • In addition to the Newsletter which the AHI sends out to its members, news regarding the Chamber are also spread among its members on a regular basis.



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